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What to expect at a BBMK meeting

For a start – a very warm welcome; we’re business-minded but not stuffy, and believe that people network better when relaxed. And, if you’re new to networking, we go out of our way to ensure you feel at home with us.

So what happens at our breakfast meetings?

We meet every week to develop and cement good business relationships, share and debate useful information, and pass quality business referrals.

At each meeting, each member takes a turn to tell the group about yet another exciting aspect of their business or latest success; they focus on the benefits of using their service or product, then ask for particular types of leads (ie: referrals) to suit a current need. Easy as that.

However, it’s often noted by members that it’s the time between meetings is where the true value of BBMK memberships and meetings lies; we pro-actively look out for quality leads for eachother within our own networks of contacts – it’s a bit like having an unpaid extended team selling your products and services on your behalf!

Please come and experience this vibrant and highly effective forum for getting business through face-to-face networking – you’re welcome to visit up to three times before making a decision about joining.

What to bring with you

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