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How you can become part of BBMK

We value the knowledge and experience of our members, and one of the unique aspects of BBMK is that we alternate between closed and open meetings so that we not only get the benefits of meeting new people and expanding our business network, we can also have sessions where our trusted members can be more open about their businesses and seek advice and guidance on challenges they may be facing.

On our monthly rota, weeks one and three are closed sessions which only members may attend. Weeks two and four are open sessions, in which we welcome people to come along and network with us. For one fee of £10, visitors can attend two open meetings of the BBMK Tuesday group. If you like the way the group operates then you can apply for membership and if successful gain access to the closed meetings where the skills of the members can be shared to benefit your business.

The mix of individuals at BBMK is very important, and we want to invite in new people who will enrich that blend of skills and experience. If you have something different to offer, we would love to hear from you. We can then get to know you, as you get to know us. To book yourself in and visit our next open session, contact us today.